Updated November 3, 2007

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(rgyud bla ma'i 'grel pa phyir mi ldog pa'i seng ge'i nga ro)

Root text of "Uttar Tantra" ("Gyud Lama") by Buddha Maitreya. Commentary ("Phyirmi Dhogpai Sengye Ngaro") by Jamgon Lodro Thaye


Many Thanks to Mr. Horst-Günter Rauprich the president of Kamalashila Institute®, Germany (www.kamalashila.de) for collected the donations from sponsors Heike Künnemann, Wolfgang Nowak, Hagen Masanneck, Dietmar W. Scheiner, Wolfgang Brandt, Anneke Bouwman, Gaby Hollmann and Harald Josef Davin in year 2007 to Published this books..


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